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This southern girl became a mom in 2004 when I met my husband. He came equipt with two children from a previous marriage. I considered that my "introduction" to parenting. Little did I know that a year later I would become a mother to my first daughter and not long after that I had my second. My life is about overwhelming love that I can't explain, worry, craziness and moments that I hope I can keep pictured in my memory. I want to be able to share what my life is as a mother, daughter and a "real housewife". All aspects of what goes on in a daily life. After having my two children, I took up photography as a hobby that later turned into something bigger. I wanted to be able to capture all the important moments in our lives and I have been able to share that with so many others. Several weddings, senior pictures, engagements and birthdays later. I still enjoy walking around with my camera and looking at things through a different view.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Keeping marriage life alive along with being a mom.

I think that we have a tendency to forget who we were before we got married and had children. It isnt that we change, it is more like we get lost in being a mom and a wife. We are still intersted in most of the same things that we were before. We have just broaden our interested and see things in a whole different way.

My husband and I have been together for over 7 years and our relationship has gone up and down just like everyone else. I try to keep an open line of communication. Sometimes we dont want to hear what we are doing wrong to listen though. I know what alot of my faults are but that doesnt mean I want someone to point them out. I guess that is why when I told my husband the reason I wasnt happy, he didnt want to listen. I probably sat outside for awhole 2 weeks and sorted things in my head and finally figured out what I needed from my husband to make me happy. It was simple. I didnt want to be "mom" in "our" relationship. I know it sounds crazy. We stopped being romantic. Every morning I get a kiss goodbye and every evening when he gets home I get a kiss hello. That is it though, just a kiss. I want a KISS. I dont want something to is casual. I dont want the same kinda kiss you give the kids. I want to feel the love off his lips.

When we are in a romantic relationship I want to not be called "mom". That is the biggest alcholo swab on a cut. Totally doesnt feel romantic. I told my husband that I wanted it to be less of a job and more like we are enjoying each other's time again. We get so caught up in life. We get so tired of just everyday that we forget what made us love each other to begin with.

My husband and I dont argue much. I have learned that I can keep my ground with out being disrespectful. I have learned to keep my voice and my opionion. I have learned that maintaining my self as an individual has helped keep my marriage romance. It is still a work in progress. That is the deal, it is in progress and regress. I love my life as a mom and as a wife and I dont have to put myself away on a shelf and forget who I am. It is a juggling act that many of us cant keep up with. I hope that I dont drop the ball on any of them. If I do; I will just bend down, pick it up and start over again.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fast food - fair price?

I recently went to a Popeyes resturant and I wasn't completely happy with them. It never fails, I go to a drive through because I am limited on time and I recieve either: poor customer service, poor food quality or unfair pricing. I realize that the cost of food goes up with the incline of our economic deficeit. Why should customer service decline along with the food quality?

I placed my order and recieved my food. These are the things that gets me. Only a portion of my order was correct. I paid a significant amount of money and I dont feel like I got my money's worth. The chicken was small, and the only thing I was really wanting was the red beans and rice and I didnt even get any. I have called them numerous times to tell them how they have not filled my order to my satisfaction. They are very pleasant in trying to correct it. For the most part they will go out of thier way to make you happy. My problem is, why should I have to call, return back to the resturant and have to even consider wanting to return back to the resturant just to make the order right the second time around. If I didn't like the food so much, I would never go back. It is very pricey at times. Believe me, If I could make thier red beans and rice the way they do; I dont think I would ever return to Popeyes ever again.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Two little ones that changed my world.
This year I am a mother of a 1st grader and a Kindergarder.  It is funny how two kids are so different.  It is not easy learning how to be a parent.  It isnt easy learning how to be a wife. I became both almost the same time.  I was a only child for 18 years and I dont know the dinamics of having a sibling. It isnt like I can go back on my upbringing to reflect on how to handle problems that arise.  I didnt have to share my time or my toys, clothes, room or my mother. For the most part the girls get along.  They fight with each other just as much as they fight "for" each other.

This picture is from our first ever family vacation.  We went to The Dallas World Aquarium.  We enjoyed it. It was nice to go in and have a break from the exausting heat of Dallas, Texas.  Now we are used to the heat of Texas.  We live in the Houston area. It was somewhat on the pricey side if you are more then a family of 4, which we are, but it was nice to walk in and see almost like an inside small scale zoo.  We were able to be at arms lenght of some of the birds and most of the other animals.  We went to the aquarium that is a tunnel.  It could be alittle overwhelming for some if you have a problem with closed in areas.  I am not a fan of the ocean or what lives in it.  This is as close to ocean life as I will ever get to see or visit so it was a safe place for me.
 It is a very family friendly place. I would love to visit again next time I am in Dallas, Tx.

My children were "in love:" with the whole experience.  They got to see sharks, penguins and numerious birds upclose that they would not normally be able to see at an average zoo.