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This southern girl became a mom in 2004 when I met my husband. He came equipt with two children from a previous marriage. I considered that my "introduction" to parenting. Little did I know that a year later I would become a mother to my first daughter and not long after that I had my second. My life is about overwhelming love that I can't explain, worry, craziness and moments that I hope I can keep pictured in my memory. I want to be able to share what my life is as a mother, daughter and a "real housewife". All aspects of what goes on in a daily life. After having my two children, I took up photography as a hobby that later turned into something bigger. I wanted to be able to capture all the important moments in our lives and I have been able to share that with so many others. Several weddings, senior pictures, engagements and birthdays later. I still enjoy walking around with my camera and looking at things through a different view.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Me...good PR?

I am moderately involved with the PTO at my daughter's elementary school. 

I recieved a phone call today from one of the new PTO mom's.  She owns her own Home Health company.  She is not familiar with our surrounding area and she wants me to help her find a facility to more establish her business.  She says that I have the best PR that she has seen.  Me...PR?

On top of that,  she wants to train with her and start working with her to be a part of a partnership with her.   I have taken care of disabled persons before.  I have taken care of elderly people before also.  I dont mind it at all.  I am now in a position to think about doing it.  I just have to figure out if this is what I want to do.  I would love be more Public Relations.  Lets see how next Wednesday goes.  That is when I talk to the PTO mom.

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